Ogawa Kazumasa (1860 - 1929)

Japanese photographer, printer, and publisher.

Ogawa Kazumasa is a Japanese photographer. As a teenager, he took up photography, and learned an ancestral printing technique which made it possible to obtain more precise images, with wider ranges of gray than with other processes. He continued his photography apprenticeship in the United States.

Armed with new skills, in particular that of the color collotype process (a technique for reproducing images, by transferring the negative negative onto a glass plate covered with a layer of bichromated gelatin), he returned to Japan in 1884. There offers its "chromo-phototypes", an alliance of technical know-how and Japanese hand-coloring methods, which will make its mark and its success. Ogawa Kazumasa could print images with up to 25 tones, when other photographers handled less than ten. He was then internationally recognized for his completely innovative images for the time. His still lifes offer an avant-garde aesthetic that still impresses today. His work has upset the codes of Japanese visual communication, and opened up new aesthetic avenues, particularly in contemporary design.

Where to enjoy Ogawa Kazumasa posters at home?

Dining room, living room, living room, entrances, waiting room, these beautiful still lifes will sublimate minimalist and delicate interiors.